Ideas for a Better Future.                                                           

Take advantage of valuable business resources

As an incubator for start-ups, the Center for Business Innovation matches students and alumni with other business owners and entrepreneurs who provide mentorship. Also, start-ups get to work with some of our best business students who can help develop website, marketing brochures and research for a launch.


Like having a coach by your side

Every great athlete needs a coach. The same is true for every business owner. Unfortunately, there is very little coachng available for start-ups. For most, it's sink or swim. We want to change that...

At the Center for Business Innovation we have a faculty with experience in launching companies, marketing, accounting, sales, management, market research, product development, manufacturing, technology and so many other areas — who are passionate about helping others build businesses. Plus, we have a network of business owners and entrepreneurs who share our passion and want to help CCBC students and alumni turn their ideas into businesses. We can also assist with providing sources for much needed financing, grants, low-interest loans and other funding sources.


Just as importantly, we deliver results...




The Center for Business Innovation is dedicated to serving CCBC students and alumni who are interested in learning how to turn their ideas for new products and services into sustainable businesses.

What we do...

Our support system accelerates business start-ups by providing:

  • Business planning
  • Incubation opportunities & facilities
  • Legal research
  • Financial advisement
  • Management & leadership skills training
  • Marketing strategies
  • Customer relations training
  • Accounting & taxation guidance
  • Software applications
  • Networking skills training
  • Business mentorship


More Resources for Entrepreneurs


CCBC Continuing Education & Economic Development

Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Small Business Administration