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Turn your innovative idea into a business

Katrina Bland, owner of Sweet Benefits, has a passion for creating great tasting energy bars and desserts with vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Here, she talks with WBAL-TV about how the Center for Business Innovation helped her launch a business. Today, her products are now offered online and in stores.



Earn seed money with your winning idea

The Annual Business Plan Competition is open to students and alumni of CCBC who are interested in turning their idea for a new product or service into a business. It's CCBC's version of the hit TV show, Shark Tank!

Participants in the Annual Business Plan Competition get:
  • Access to invitation-only workshops designed to help develop a strategic plan, marketing plan & financial plan — the core elements of a viable business plan.
  • Guidance from other entrepreneurs and business owners who serve as mentors during the competition.
  • An opportunity to earn seed money that can be used to help launch a business.

Plus, the award-winners get an opportunity to work with CCBC's top business students who will help provide much-needed assistance developing a website, marketing/sales materials, advertising, research, brochures, etc. to help launch the business.

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"Helped to spark the entrepreneurial drive I needed!"

“CCBC’s Shark Tank competition helped to spark the entrepreneurial drive I needed to propel my business to levels that I had only dreamt about. The rigor, mentoring, preparation I received boosted my confidence and belief in my business so much that I used this knowledge to participate in and win other competitions; which has infused much needed capital in my business so that we can meet success!”

- Takia Ross, Winner, 2015 Business Plan Competition

The Center for Business Innovation is dedicated to serving CCBC students and alumni who are interested in learning how to turn their ideas for new products and services into sustainable businesses.

  • Got an idea for a new product or service?
  • Always dreamed of running your own business?
  • Have a desire to be an entrepreneur?

The Annual Business Plan Competition can help you turn your BIG idea into a business. See the video with more details...